Barry is Wallace's childhood friend in Sinnoh. Barry loves pokemon and loves battles and he won't Wallace to get the best of​ him.

Pokemon PearlEdit

When Wallace opens the door, Barry comes out and bump into Wallace and then he went back inside to get his stuff for the adventure of his life. Barry was going to Lake Verity to capture the Red Gyarados but they were interrupted by 2 starlys. So Barry Was looking at the briefcase and he look at the 3 starter pokemon and he picked Chimchar. So Barry battled the starly and won. Barry was going home but they saw an old man. Barry said "That must be Professor Rowan right? The one who has a lab." Barry talking to the Professor Rowan.Added by WallaceherosWhen Wallace open Rowan's door, Barry came out (again) and bumped into Wallace (again). Barry found out that Professor Rowan wasn't mean after all so he ran out of here to start a new adventure.In Jubilfe City, Barry was at the Trainer's School learning about the infections when you're in a Pokemon battle. At Route 203 Barry back to challanged Wallace to a battle but Wallace won anyway. In Oreburgh City, Barry was looking at the Gym (where Roark go Barry already beat the gym leader.)

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Season12 ep6 ss4

Barry with Heracross

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