Dawn is Wallace's Friend in Pokemon Pearl. Dawn had been in sinnoh forever. Dawn is an assistant of Professor Rowan and love pokemon a lot. she has Piplup and other pokemon. She like to visit other cities and collecting data for the Professor. Dawn had kind to Wallace for four years but when bad guys get too rough, she will step in and battle them but when she lost, the bad guys kidnapped her or steal something that is hers but what she didn't know Wallace is here to save her.


Dawn is notable for her confidence, since she always looking towards the future rather dwelling on her mistakes, although she has learned that this is not always enough. Dawn is overly confident and assure her own strength from the beginning.

Pokemon Pearl Edit

Dawn was first showed in Pokemon Pearl in Lake Verity with Professor Rowan . She was talking to him about coming back from Kanto. She was staring at Barry and Wallace as she went by them. After Wallace and Barry won, Dawn was came to get the briefcase but the case was opened and she found out they had the pokemon and she very upset about it so she came out. Dawn was standing here waiting for Wallace so they can go to Professor Rowan's Lab but they bumped into Barry which he explained everything. Dawn said she had a Piplup and Wallace and her would have the same pokemon. So she gave Wallace a tour in Sandgem Town and she said Wallace should tell his family that he going to an adventure. Dawn showed Wallace how to catch a pokemon so she used Piplup for guidance. Dawn was here at Jubliee City and she said" You should catch more pokemon".
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Dawn and Piplup

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