Deidara is one of the Akatsuki. He was one of the S-Rank Missing-nin from the Hidden Stone Village.

Season 1Edit

Deidara's InfiltrationEdit

Deidara has infiltrated the Hidden Sand Village only to be discovered by Gaara, the Fifth Kazekage. Then they started to battle. Gaara uses his Sand Jutsu to defeat Deidara's Large Bird and then Deidara uses his explosive Jutsu at Gaara but he blocks his attack with his sand and then he flies away but Gaara uses his sand spears and hurt Deidara but he's still flying and Gaara took chase at him around the whole Village as he's throwing Sand Spears at Deidara awhile he's dodging Deidara's explosives. Then he's uses his Sand Prison to trap Deidara but he's got away and then Gaara uses his ultimate jutsu to defeat Deidara. As he thought he won, Deidara is still alive and put his explosives inside of Gaara's Gourd and defeated him instead! Then Deidara caught Gaara which causes the Hidden Sand Village in disrupt.

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