Pokemon Pearl Version is the 6th set of Pokemon Games made by Nintendo. Pokemon Pearl featured the male Pokemon Trainer named Wallace. Wallace is the main protagonist of the series and he is the brother of Ash Ketchum and the son of Deila Ketchum. He had traveling the world when he first had one named Pikachu. Pokemon Pearl has featured characters named Marik, Dawn, Barry , Cynthia, Team Galactic, Professor Rowan , Cyrus, Roark, Gardenia, Maylene, Crasher Wake, Byron, Candice, Volker, Aaron, Bertha, Flint, Lucian, Riley, Cheryl, Buck, Marley, Riley, Mira, Mars, Juniper, and Saturn.

The first episode was introduced Wallace and Barry. The two best friends was looking for adventure with their own pokemon. Wallace was sitting in his room watching The Search of The Red Gyarados. So Wallace went downstairs and his mom said "Barry was waiting fory you. Don't go to the wild grass pokemon are in there." Wallace went to Barry's House and They bumped into each other. Barry forgot something in his house or room. Then he saw Wallace and fined him 80 million dollars. ( he was kidding of course) He saw Barry in 201, waiting for him. Barry said "They said A Red Gyarados in Lake Verity how about we catch it." Wallace followed Barry to Lake Verity. Then he saw a old man and a girl. Barry and Wallace went to the tall grass and look at the briefcase but there 2 Starly getting in the way. The only way get outta here is to use these starter pokemon. Wallace picked Turtwig and Barry picked Chimchar and the two best friends battled the starlys and won. Dawn Was getting the briefcase and found out that Wallace and Barry was using these starter pokemon. So Barry and Wallace went back home but they saw the Famous Professor Rowan and the Professor's assistant Dawn.

So Wallace was at home and his Mother said, "What's wrong Wallace," and he said, "I saw Professor Rowan Yesterday." She said "Really you saw him. Well you better say thank you to him in Sandgem Town okay" So she gave him the running shoes. So he went to Route 201 and then he's at Sandgem and Dawn was there. "hi Dawn" he said "Wallace there you are"Dawn said.Dawn led him into Rowan's lab.In there he saw Professor Rowan and other workers.When Rowan saw Wallace"Finally your here Wallace""let me see your pokemon"Wallace showed Rowan his pokemon.

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