Saiyan SagaEdit

Our hero's adventure starts of in Kame House when hes showing everyone his little son Gohan. Suddently a mysterious man named Raditz comes to Kame House searching for Goku. Goku asks who is he and the man suddently reveals hes Goku's brother. Raditz then punches Goku and leaves him in pain he then kidnaps Gohan and tells Goku to kill 100 humans or he will kill Gohan. Suddenly Piccolo comes to Kame House and asks Goku that he wants to form a temporary alliance with him. They form the alliance and then they head to fight Raditz. They starts to fight but Raditz has the upper hand Piccolo the suggest that Goku distracts him while he charges his new move "The Special Beam Cannon". Goku manages to hold him off for Piccolo to charge the move then Goku grabs Raditz in a Full Nelson. Piccolo then fires the technique killing both Goku and Raditz in the process. Raditz then informs to Piccolo that 2 saiyans more powerful than him were coming in one year. Then Piccolo takes Gohan to train him for one year to battle the up coming saiyans.

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