Rules of Super Luxray WikiEdit

1. Do your work

2. You have free time what ever you want. (As long as I check your work if you don't I will take your chatmod,Admin, or Bearucrat privialges and block you for a day)

3. You can RP as long as you want.

4.Check with me if you have any any problems to a page or blog.

5. If you troll I will kick ban permanently.

6. You can curse whatever as you want.

7. If I am not here I will message you that you're in charge.

8. If you do something stupid I will block you for 2 days.

9. You have conversavtions whatever you want on the chat.

10. You can edit your page whatever you want if you type a word wrong etc.

11. Ava is the lead artist so if you have trouble ask The Lead Artist Ava(LukaCat)

12. Don't copy or paste, use your own words.

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