Might as well make the second blog on here be a contest right? Pick the best SSJ1 pic.
Gohan SSJ2 v1 by drozdoo

1. SSJ1 Gohan

Goten SSJ1 by dbkaifan2009

3. SSJ1 Goten

1214718697953 f

2. SSJ1 Gotenks


4. SSJ1 Gogeta


5. SSJ1 Gogeta and Vegito

Dragon Ball Z Vegito SSJ by tekilazo

7. SSJ1 Vegito

Super Saiyan Bardock

8. SSJ1 Bardock

Trunks del Futuro SSJ1 by dbkaifan2009.png

9. SSJ1 Future Trunks

User95666 pic79422 1259641112

6. SSJ1 Vegeta

Kid trunks ssj by emiyansaiyan-d32hx29

10. SSJ1 Kid Trunks

Yamcha ssj-l

11. SSJ1 Yamcha, lol i just did this one for fun

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